Paint Estimating Guide (Advanced) – $660

  • Keeps a record of the time and materials cost;

  • A ‘Summary’ page that records the Materials, Hours, GST and Profit/Loss on your ‘Hourly’’ rate and ‘Breakeven’ rates;

  • Separate pages for ‘Interior’, ‘Exterior’, ‘Concrete Floors & Driveways’, ‘Roof’ and ‘Line Marking’;

  • Price by Measuring, by Sight, (Labour plus Materials), or Both;

  • Every substrate shows individual workings;

  • Compares the Quoted cost to your Actual cost;

  • Each project can be saved under the particular client’s folder;

  • Includes a ‘Project’ page where you can add photos;

  • Simple to use with full explanations in the MENU tabs on every page.

  • Pre-Loaded Industry suggested rates which can be adjusted to your own rates;

  • Includes a ‘Production’ sheet where you can calculate your own times and a pre-loaded ‘Project Check List’ and tick off the tools and equipment required for the specific job;

  • Use in the ‘Cloud’ to connect to other devices.

Please keep in mind:

The program can be used on any device that is Microsoft Excel compatible, even on a Smart Phone (tested on Samsung and iPhone only).

It is a one-off price.

Personal phone support by Jim Baker himself (Australian working hours).

Please keep in mind:

  1. The program can be used on any device that is Microsoft Excel compatible, even on a Smart Phone (tested on Samsung and iPhone only).
  2. It is a one-off price.
  3. Personal phone support by Jim Baker himself (Australian working hours).




A one-off cost, which will pay for itself within a few months.


Want help or extra information? I am only a phone call away. I can also show you how it works through a 45min Zoom meeting before you decide to purchase.


You don’t need to be a brain surgeon to understand it as there are ‘Menu Dropdown Boxes’ under a multitude of cells to help you.


4 step payment available with PayPal. Direct Debit available on request.

Paint Estimating Guide

With an easy to navigate interface, this guide is simple to use and gives accurate quotes every time. You can customise your spread rates, times and paint costs for any business. Your new guide will break down the total estimate by time, cost and material cost of each substrate, making re-quoting a breeze when clients change their mind. Developed by a veteran painter with over 50 years experience, for painters. (Available in American and British versions and the Imperial measurement upon request).


  • I purchased the estimating guide a few months ago. It has been a great game changer for me when it comes to quoting my jobs now. Money well spent and wish I had it years earlier. It has cut down my time spent calculating things up and now I can spend more time on planning how I am going to attack the job. Really well put together and easy to use; just a great guide.

    Sean Sean Hampton Painting
  • I have always looked for something to help with quoting and have found Jim Baker’s spreadsheet to be amazing. Just put the details in and with confidence I can send that figure to the client. No more second guessing my quotes. We have actually increased our profit with Jim’s help.

    Jarrod Mayday Painting
  • “We at Contemporary Finishes Painting have been using Jim Baker’s Estimating Guide and we have found it to be fantastic. It made our estimating so much easier and our numbers are now far more accurate and consistent as a result of using this Guide. All elements of Interior/Exterior etc are included in the guide and there are in built formulas which produce the correct rates once the measurements have been entered. Even intangible elements of any job are included in the guide. We couldn’t be any happier with the Estimation Guide and definitely recommend it to any painter who wants to improve their estimation process.”

    George Contemporary Finishes
  • "I have dealt with Jim Baker since 2013 as he helps me in my business but over the years has now become a great friend. His Estimating and Hourly Rate programs have been a huge asset in both my quoting process and knowing my charge out rate. I highly recommend both and am happy to discuss them with you."

    Matthew Raymond Timeframe Group
  • I would like to share my thoughts about the product I was recently introduced to.

    After years working for a company as a painter, I decided to start on my own journey. The first struggle I went through was estimating my painting projects. I never thought that it would be such an important part of a painting business. It took me many hours of research and discussions with colleagues and I was still struggling. But I was lucky to meet one person who recommended to me this amazing product. The Advanced Estimating Guide is an absolute game changer for painters, or professional estimators who are looking to downsize their time in estimating painting projects, small or big. I truly recommend this guide for everyone who is involved in the painting industry.

    I also want to thank James the creator of this amazing tool. I have been truly impressed with his professionalism and performance.

    Regards, Andrejus



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